The HVAC Warehouse: metal bending brake

Looking for a quality metal bending brake at a reasonable price? Choose the 24" cheek bender or the 30" cleat bender to suit your production needs and your budget.

HVAC Warehouse is the one Canadian source that can set up an entire fab shop affordably. We offer a complete inventory of sheet metal fabricating equipment from metal bending brakes, flangers, rollformers and beaders to corner notchers and turret punchers.

Durable and dependable, the TK 30 inch cleat sheet metal bender has all the features you would expect from a quality machine. Quickly forms uniform drive cleat edges on rectangular duct with no required set up or adjustment. The upper handle forms the cleat and the lower handle opens the work space for easy removal of the metal. Of heavy cast iron and steel fabrication, this machine is built to last!

Puts 7/32" flange on elbows and other radius fittings. Bench mounted, there is no gauge to set, and requires no special tools.

On the job site or in the shop, this portable little rollformer is a work horse for 24 gauge and lighter material. It is available with power flanging attachment and is perfect for field use. See TK's Fourplex Rollformer and more on our Products page.

Why buy from HVAC Warehouse?

Quality used sheet metal equipment is in short supply. And when you can find it, it's still expensive. If you thought you could only afford used equipment, check out our Price List and think again. HVAC Warehouse gets you new fully warranted sheet metal equipment at used equipment prices.

Tin Knocker brand machines are basic, reliable designs of tremendous value!

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